17 March 2012

Mortgage - We Has One

Well we've dipped our toe into the property market again. After selling up when we left Adelaide, and renting for the last 8 years, the time was right (read: I didn't want my kid drawing on anyone else's wall) to buy our own home again. And yesterday we officially became owners.

I'd forgotten about the joy of moving house - the last one was easy, all I did was pack the house in Adelaide, get the removalists in, and ship it over. Els was at this end to unpack and get things organised. This time doesn't look to be as easy - 8 years in the same house has been there has been some 'settling of contents', and there hasn't been the regular pruning of possessions that gets done every time you move. In fact, 8 years is the longest I've been in any house since I left home.

Luckily we're in no rush to get out of the current property - I've sneakily built in a nearly 4 week layover between the two properties to try and limit the stress and panic, which neither of us need at the moment.

And with a merry band of helpers today, we got a fair bit done. 6 car / ute loads, all the pot plants, BBQ and outdoor furniture, plus pretty much all of the pre-boxed items which have been occupying the spare room.

Tomorrow - the shed. This is going to be an archaeological expedition without precedent - 8 years worth of bike parts and fishing bits and bobs, not to mention the gardening supplies! First call will be to get the bike and kayak racks up on the wall at the new house - with these items out of the shed, I'm hoping the process will be significantly easier.

Wish us luck!

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