13 March 2012

Home Sweet diddly-Home


Have just returned from a four day stint working in an Incident Control Centre set up to manage the response to the Victorian floods.

I was deployed as a Mapping Officer, and was responsible for generating a never-ending stream of maps for analysis, mark up, field crew use, the works. I lost track of how many I created, but I did blow through 2 x 100 metre rolls of plotter paper.

I think I worked out in 4 days, we worked 56 hours. And that was just the day shift - there was a full night shift running also that was working just as hard.

So I am now home - well, what is going to be home for the next 4 days anyway, until we settle on our new house - Friday! Somehow I suspect the moving operation is going to be every bit as complex as the flood response, just without as many people working on it.

I should probably go and pack some boxes or something.

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Dee said...

Jealous! I have never been mobilized to help in an emergency situation, even though I have registered my expertise. I don't think people realise how critical mapping is for emergency response, and how much we still rely on hard copy for actual MAPS that you can use by flashlight in the field with no power available. Thanks for your hard work Ant, good luck with the move.