27 September 2010

There's Some In Every Crowd

I'm down in the Big Smoke at the moment for work trip. While there is some novelty value in working in a different place, really it's just hum drum boredom, staring at the inside of a hotel room and trying to find something for dinner.

What I have noted is a phenomemen I'd like to call 'The Bike Ninja'.

Picture this. Dusk, just coming onto dark. Busy, poorly lit City street. Cars, trams, foot traffic going everywhere.

Cue entry of the hipster cyclist. You know the type. Black is the colour de rigour amongst hipsters at the moment. Match that with a matt black skate helmet, and probably a black bike as well (unless it's one of those flouro fixie jobs).

Now throw into the mix said bike and cyclist being completely unlit. Stealth mode, if you will.

Can you imagine the potential results? I can, and I think it involves a significantly shortened life expectancy for said cyclist.

Seriously, it's like watching Darwin's Theory of Evolution in action. It reminds me of watching fixie cyclists trying to navigate London traffic earlier in the year. How I didn't see one of them splattered over the front of a London Cab, I don't know.

I'll be home tomorrow. Hopefully the ranting will end then.

Cities and I don't mix.

1 comment:

Dee said...

I'm kind of at peace with the whole Darwinian thing now. I just finished jury duty, and I was gobsmacked by stupidity. Let them go.