13 September 2010

TLC By Request

For Dee:


Dee said...

I am thrilled!! I didn't know there were donkey orchids in Victoria! Every flower is new to me, I have research to do. Thank you so very much. You are so kind.

Ant said...

@Dee - I am reliably informed that they are leopard orchids (after I was corrected for calling them a tiger lily - I thought I was at least in the ball park!)

This time of year there are orchids out everywhere throughout Nail Can - also Chiltern Mt Pilot NP, which is about 30km away. There are also a couple of populations of super-secret highly endangered crimson spider orchids - a bit like the bunyip, often spoken of but rarely seen.

In about 2 weeks the chocolate lilies will go absolutely berko - there is a large area that was burned over summer (fuel reduction burn) and the chocolate lilies seems to have taken root in there pretty aggressively.

More photos to come! Might be a wildflower ride at Chiltern as well.