06 January 2010

2010 Starts Well

Well I've hit the ground running.

Commuting to work every day so far this year, Tuesday night World Cup last night (C Grade - 2nd) and then the standard 50km out and back Wednesday morning ride.

Feeling pretty tired, but in a good way. Aim is to keep the volume pretty high for the next couple of weeks until Audax. Will need to throw in another Alpine ascent before then as well, thinking probably Bright over Tawonga Gap, up to Bogong Village, and return.

Week and a half away from TDU, and fair to say that I am insanely jealous of all the people heading over for it. BOO I say, BOO! It promises to be a cracker, Cadel vs Lance, Alan Davis declaring his intention to defend, and I wouldn't be ruling out some of the local talent either - Jack Bobridge for example, a local SA boy, who turned in an impressive first effort last year, and now has a year of serious racing and hardening under his belt. Watch carefully, especially on the northern suburb stages.

Housekeeping-wise, have updated the side bar with the first four events of this year. 1 big event each month for the next 4, going to be busy, and that's without factoring in any local stuff as well.

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