10 January 2010

In The Bag

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Knocked this off today. 88km including an alpine ascent, and at least 4 other granny gear climbs over 10 minutes in length.

Fair to say that this ascent of Mt Hotham went a whole lot better than the last. (Can't find a link to what I wrote last time I climbed Hotham, but it was ugly, and involved a nearly complete mental breakdown. And I'm not joking). With a few less kg around the belt, fitter legs, and a better bike, I won't say I sailed up this time, but I did a whole lot better. To the ticket office - no problems - 10 minute break to wait for others in the party. CRB Hill - hurt, but just got out of the saddle and pushed through the pain barrier, and the next climb (can't remember the name) was ugly, but a 30 second regroup at the Razorback helped no end.

Quick stop at the General to replenish bottles and eat, and we tackled the next 55km. Plenty of downs in this, but some sneaky little sharp climbs, and as mentioned above, 4 climbs that really tested the mental fortitude.

But we did it. Ride time for the Hotham leg was just shy of 2 hours (34km climb), and then the 55km to Omeo was 1hr 45.

We're all pretty happy with ourselves.

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