01 January 2010

Time or Distance?

Read an interesting interview with Simon Gerrans over at Cycling Tips yesterday.

Gerro says that he doesn't train by distance, rather by time. Logic being that you could pound out alot of very quick km's if you wanted to on the flat, but if you're not putting in the hours, you're not getting the benefit.

So I'm going to track my time on the bike this year as well as km. I've always suspected that the volume of MTBing I do affects my kilometrage (d'uh - of course it does - anything with an average speed of 13km/h is going to drag it down), so I will be interested to see the results.

You may now resume normal programming. I shall continue to metabolise far too many Heineken beers consumed last night.

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Groover said...

Happy New Year, Ant! :-)