22 August 2009

Man Down - Man Down

Scratch one of my nine lives.

Riding to work this morning, I got t-boned from the left while riding through a roundabout. Luckily at fairly low speed, but I'd prefer no speed to low speed, any day.

I got hit pretty squarely side on, and landed on my back, and slid for a way. Not sure how far I slid, but my backpack is looking worse for wear, helmet is stuffed (cracked badly at the back) and my light battery (which was strapped to the back of my helmet) is looking a bit thinner than it was. A bit of road rash on my hip, ribs sore where the car hit me, and now the adrenaline is starting to wear off.

Bike's a write off, back wheel taco'd, and the buckle on one of my shoes has been ground down as well.

Certainly could have ended up a lot worse, so I am thanking my lucky stars. Stay tuned for updates as to how the insurance saga plays out!

1 comment:

Groover said...

Sorry to hear, man. I take it the car took your right of way in the round-about?