22 August 2009

As The Fog Lifts

More recollections are coming back to me as the day goes on. Reading back on what I posted earlier, I skipped a few details that didn't make the conversion from brain to keyboard.

I'm not the first, and certainly won't be the last cyclist to get hit by a car. Luckily it was a fairly low speed collision (relatively speaking) - I was probably doing 30 ish and the car I'm guessing the same. Going back and looking at the scene of the crime afterwards, there is a power pole that I suspect was obscuring his vision when he checked right, maybe I was tucked in just behind it at that moment.

After I dragged myself off the road and he stopped, a friend of mine drove past - the only way I recognised her was because she has a fairly garishly painted car. Luckily she saw me and stopped, and took me to work. In hindsight the right thing to do would have been to call an ambulance, I was clearly quite shaken up, and couldn't even master a simple task like unlocking my phone to call Els. Calling an ambulance would have got the paper train rolling as well. I got quite a smack on the fingers at the Police Station because I hadn't properly exchanged details with the other party.

The drive from the scene to work is very foggy, I don't really remember it. I was the first one at the store, God knows how I remembered the alarm code and got in - it's not an easy place to get into and requires 3 padlocks, 3 seperate locks, all on different keys, plus a code!

Els picked me up from work and took me to Albury Base. Cannot say enough good things about them - a soon as I uttered the words 'hit by a car' I was straight into triage, and then straight into a bed and onto an ECG machine. Luckily no serious injuries - a bit of road rash on the hip, scratched up finger and ankle. I was out of there in about an hour, which was great as I am a bad patient at the best of times!

Rang the shop after I got home just to let them know I was OK. The sad news was that the bike is a write off (I thought I might be able to get away with a new wheel and rear derailleur) - apparently there is a fairly substantial bumper bar mark in the rear chainstay. As the day wears on, I am aware of a matching bumper bar mark just under my ribcage on my left.

Sore and sorry for myself, but it could have been oh so much worse.

I think I'll need to (excuse the pun) get back on the bike pretty quickly. I'm chalking this up to one of those things, and an occupational hazard of riding bikes. I would be pretty upset with myself if this rattles my confidence on the road.


Dee said...

Serious bummer, it seems to be open season. Hope you are able to spring back with confidence. I fear the day it happens to me, will I have the courage to get back on my bike?

Bluenoser said...

Glad you're OK. There seems to be enough of us hitting the floor lately.


BoaB said...

Geez Ant- sorry to hear about this. Having just gone through it myself, I know how frustrating it can all be. Good luck with the insurance mob- I hope it all comes good for you.