06 June 2009

Creative Input Required

So. Theoretically speaking:

If I was to embark on another bicycle building project - a singlespeed road bike (just for arguments sake), and I had the option of a custom paint job for it, what colour scheme would you recommend?

You would think after 3 days of reading about colour selection for cartography, I would actually have an idea about this - but no.

I like primary colours. A lot. I'm thinking some sort of navy blue and solid red scheme, but it might be a bit too dark for a frame. Could throw some white in there as well, but it would just end up looking like a two wheeled American flag - although Boss has some Stars & Stripes Rudy Project glasses that would go very nicely with that (from the George Hincapie collection I believe).

RAMBO Round 1 tomorrow. Thinking it is going to be a chilly, and possibly wet, occasion. Although my new jacket should help allay any moisture-related concerns.


Groover said...

Red is fast. Black is timeless. Just throwing in some food for thought here ...

Dee said...

Cartography and bicycle design. hmmm... I am a cartographer who is a cycling tragic, but I have never thought about that. I am moved by Cannondale Mtn bikes with the topographic graphics on the top tubes and handlebar grips (contours - black on yellow on the frame).
Be bold. Put on a triangulated interior network of primary colours. Some will think you are running Pegoretti, some will know you are a spatial nerd.