02 June 2009

New Additions - Tell Him He's Dreamin'!

New addition to the sidebar - dream bikes.

Likelihood of owning any of these bikes in the near (or distant) future - pretty much nil. But hey, I can dream can't I?

The first three additions are 29 inch full suspension mountain bikes. I'm a relatively tall-ish bloke, and I do like aggressively positioned bikes. Unfortunately the height and the aggressive position doesn't mix hugely well on 26 inch MTBs - I feel like I'm over, rather than in, the bike, and my weight tends to pitch forwards over the front wheel, upsetting the handling some.

I had a chance to ride a 29 inch hardtail a couple of months ago, and it was an absolute revelation. It felt like riding a BMX when I was a kid.

I suspect the ideal FS bike for me will be something 29 inch, shortish (~100mm) travel. These could fit the bill.

The Rocky Mountain I actually spied a couple of months ago, and was smitten. But there might be a few around that would give it a run for it's money.

The Pivot Mach 429 I might actually have a chance to demo in the coming months - just need to sweet talk the rep into bringing one down as a demo. It's also the only one on the list in full production (so far).

We shall see. I'm going to be ruthless and keep the list pretty tight. This will mean a battle to get on the list, and an internal battle for me as to which ones to bump.

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Matt said...

BMC Trailfox 01