07 June 2009


Not a good day at the office.

Something has been hanging around the edges for a couple of days - a tickle in the throat, a touch of pain in the sinuses, and just not quite right. In typical male fashion, I ignored it and hoped it would go away.

And after spending most of yesterday trash talking my mate Tim, and at the same time convincing him to come and race, I had pretty much no bail out option. I thought I might have been half a chance when the rain set in at about 3am, but annoyingly it cleared. Oh well, I rugged up and geared up, and headed off to race.

We headed off for a practice lap, to warm up and check the course. Alot of work has gone into designing, building and maintaining the Nail Can trails, and it pays off in wet conditions. The trails drain really well, and the sandy soil is helpful. The track was grippy and fast. Turnout was good - I think about 70 ish entries, which was great. Entries included one Winnebago driving family, who camped at the trail the night before. I have never, ever seen that before for a short course local MTB race!

So I lined up and headed off. Certainly wasn't feeling right, no power, just out of sorts. I stayed with the bunch, but the Polar told the tale at the end of the first lap. AveHR 175, MaxHR 190. Something definitely not right - and instead of riding myself into the ground, and killing myself for the next week, I pulled the pin.

So not real happy with myself, but as a friend told me tonight, nothing to beat myself up about and spoil a long weekend.

Still feeling pretty grey, whatever I have has got it's claws into me pretty well. Time to lie low, stay warm, and look after myself.

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