11 April 2009

National 24 Hour Solo Champs

Are being run, right now, as we speak. Location: Majura Pines, Canberra.

Mate of mine & our shop sponsored rider Damian Gillard is competing. This is a qualifying event for the World 24 Hour Solo Champs, to be held in Canmore, Alberta Canada in July this year.

Damo has already qualified via the Scott 24 Hour last year (finished 7th overall), so this is an opportunity to do base km's and refine 24 hour techniques for both riders and support crew.

Sounds like the weather has gone to shite, Grant (support crew) just rang, a storm front has been through, blown over and destroyed their lights, flooded out the support tent, and generally made life miserable. Course is expected to become greasy and difficult with the rain.

If you want to follow:

Twitter - Jess Douglas (elite Womens rider) Twitter stream
Farkin - Updated live results from the race
Picasa - photos as they happen.

Part of me wants to compete at something like this one day. Part of me is telling the other part I am an idiot.

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