10 February 2009

Spin Spin Sugar

One of our local guys (who is also one of our shop-sponsored riders) has qualified for the World 24 Solo Champs in Canmore (July this year). So we've hit the fundraising trail pretty hard - apparently Albury-Vancouver return is not a cheap flight - and one of the things we're doing is running Spinervals classes one night a week.

I haven't been able to make the first few, but I finally got off (or on, whichever you look at it) my arse and made it to a session tonight.

I am a broken man.

Not really, but it was certainly very different to how I normally train. 1 hour 15 of tempo work and I was pretty cooked at the end.

I can see how the Spinervals DVD's could get seriously boring, very fast, but having 8 people there to do it with made it alot more enjoyable. The time flies when you spend the whole session sledging Coach Troy's accent!

I've been slack with my Polar diary of late, but it will be interesting to see what the kJ/min (which is my measure of intensity) come in at for the session. I think that it will be up there!

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