15 February 2009

Bright Eyed

Had a magnificent night away with Els up at Bright. Between the families being here over Xmas, me going to Adel, and her work travel, time together has been a little thin on the ground.

We've had some great times in Bright, by ourselves and with friends. Apart from some awesome scenery and great weather, they boast a number of excellent restaurants, Poplars being one of them.

We sport a number of Francophiles amongst our core group, so French food and French restaurants generally get pretty high rotation. Last nights meal was certainly one to remember - take a look and you'll see why:

# Ox tongue with warm peppered lentils and parsley
# Salad of fresh cheese, herbs, tomato and chickpeas with brown butter dressing
# Confit chicken with ratatouille, capers and hazelnuts
# Rabbit in cider with thyme, rosemary, bacon and caramelised onion potatoes
# White beans, onions and marjoram
# Baked chocolate marquis, lavender custard and berries
# Apricot parfait with honey cake

Mix this with a couple of bottles of local beer (Thanks Bright Brewery) and a bottle of local wine, this was one of the best meals we've had out in a very, very long time.

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