08 February 2009

Dark Dark Day

Well after my bleating yesterday about the weather, I feel like an absolute heel after the events that have taken place in Victoria today.

So far 76 people dead in numerous bushfires around the state. Entire communities wiped out, homes destroyed. Looking like being worse than Ash Wednesday.

Most of the fires have been closer to Melbourne, but a fire in Beechworth (about 40km south of here) is causing problems, with Stanley now under serious threat. One of my kayak fishing mates in Yackandandah has been on ember watch at his house for 36 hours, and tonight will be another sleepless night. With a south westerly change having come through today, it has blanketed the entire area in pea-soup thick smoke.

I suspect that this is going to get worse before it gets better.

I hope for no more loss of life.

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