17 February 2009

Spin It Again

Rocked up for Week #2 Spin class tonight. I was warned it was going to be a suffer-fest LT test, so was a little on the nervous side coming in.

Surprisingly though, it wasn't that bad! I think I worked harder last week, Polar will tell the tale. The format was warm up, some sharp 3 minute efforts, then a 20 minute time-trial (well as much as you can time trial on a windtrainer). Pick your gear and go as hard as you can for the full 20 minutes.

I think the theory is that where your HR sits for the 20 minutes is your LT. Coach Troy mumbled something about taking 5% off to calculate your zones, but 8 windtrainers going flat out drowned out the Yankee accent.

So - I sat at around 167 for the 20 minutes, spiking to 182 in the final 1 minute sprint. What does this mean for my LT - can anyone elaborate?

Other news, 3 days until Otway Odyssey. I have demons to slay after my last 100km effort, plus after the mud fest of last year, I really need to do alot better. The forecast is calling for possible showers Fri and Sat, so I am a little nervous. But we will see.

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