19 February 2009

I'm a Palindrome Me

33 today. Ironic that as the candle count goes up, the lung capacity goes down.

Looking forward to trying out my presents (to myself) on the weekend, brand new Lazer Genesis helmet, plus brand spankin' new shop kit. Given that Saturday's forecast is looking a bewdiful 13 to 19C, I've also bought the matching arm warmers.

Feeling as good as can be expected for Sat, legs as fresh as they get, short (mechanically interrupted) ride last night, bring it on I say!


Groover said...

Happy belated Birthday, Ant. Hope you had an awesome day. Does this make you still an Aquarius or is your star sign already Pisces?

Ant said...

Thanks Sandra! Still an Aquarius - by one day. Possibly explains my fascination with water?