07 February 2009

Hot - Damn Hot

Won't this hot weather PLEASE just crawl off and die somewhere?

My second week of Adelaide was 5 days of 40+ degree weather.

Then I drove home in this:

From third life crisis

Check the temperature gauge... not much fun for a 14 hour drive - but that's another story.

And then the weather has been doing this all week:

Sun - 43.1 Mon - 38.3 Tues - 37.1 Wed - 37 Thurs - 41.2 Fri - 42.2.

And then today:


So what's the solution? Move to QLD?

Erm, no.

This is the view from my in-laws balcony at the moment:

From third life crisis

Grass is always greener on the other side. Today's cartoon in the local news I think sums it up:

From third life crisis

1 comment:

Dee said...

So far, I prefer the floods and moderate temperatures to the blazing heat and bush fires. If it wasn't so mouldy in this humidity I'd think it was lovely!

Wait til winter, Queensland is PERFECT all winter.