27 January 2009

TDU Pictorial

Fans come in all sizes

Pick the $300 Jersey

Greipel charges home

Helping hand

Lance, welcome to Wickhams Hell


Groover said...

I like the kit the guys are wearing on picture #9. Is that your club uniform?

Ant said...

No it's not, but it shows the power of a good looking club kit, and everyone wearing it at the same time.

Really gives it some power!

Us MTBr's are a little less fussy about wearing matching kit at races, something I'd like to change.

Buttsy said...

Love the TDU pics.....we went as well and it was awesome......we didint do the community challenge ride, I just did the ITT at Willunga but next year we are doing the comunity challenge ride too.

Buttsy said...

Actually the kit in pic 9 is from Latrobe Valley near where I live..Mallard Cycles, I raced against a couple wearing it last week come to think of uit...how funny is that....Groover......I am going to look at it as I want to buy a kit at the moment, although it is a rival store to where I get most of my bike maintenace done....new dilemna now