27 January 2009

Adelaide - 1 week in

Something about holidays that inspires me to cram a month worth of everything into as little time as possible.

I won't bore you with the details of the TDU, other than to say it was awesome, but I have spent alot of time in the saddle - 68km round trip to Wickhams Hill on Thurs to watch the KOM stage, plus 130km on Friday out to Angaston, including the Gorge Rd climb and the Menglers Hill KOM section.

Have just spent 3 days on KI with my little bro, kayaking and fishing. For those in the know, or of interest, I've put a full (and detailed) report on AKFF about the fishing side of the weekend. For the less pisce-oriented, it was a great weekend, mainly spent floating around in my kayak. Some close dolphin encounters (and a less close, but still close encounter with a shark), ate some uber-fresh seafood (repeat after me - YUM), and generally lived the Islander life for 3 days.

Another week here yet, some more friends to catch up with, and less of a tight schedule.

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