02 January 2009

And So It Begins

Well lubricated by more than a couple of beers around the campfire the other night, the discussion turned to bikes, as it does, and racing.

I professed that I'd sortta lost the racing bug after this year, and while I was looking forward to a fair bit of riding this year, I wasn't too fussed about entering stacks of races. I'll probably do the local races, but travelling far and wide may be a bit of a stretch, especially given that I hope to snag myself full time work in my new field, somehow, this year. I won't have the luxury of being a full time student on a flexible schedule.

But then the thought occurred - there are a few local races, is my commitment going to be any less?

Our club will be running a 12 race series (1 per month), plus Wed Night dirt crits (probably 3 x 4 week seasons of them), plus a Vic state XC round, plus maybe a 3 hour. We'll also have our usual inter-club challenge between us, Wagga, Beechworth and Mt Beauty. There's 30 races straight up - not that I'll do all of them.

Nearby clubs will have the Wagga 3 Hour, Mt Beauty 6 Hour, Alpine 6 Hour.

Local Promoters will run the Beechworth 6 Hour and the Gravity 12 Hour.

And then there's the Mont 24 Hour (already committed), plus the Scott 24 Hour (how could I miss that?)

38 possible races on the calendar, and I'm not that fussed about it? Hmmmph.

Maybe I should have said, I'm not too fussed about travelling a stack to go and race. 'Cos out of all of those local options, there are not too many that I'd like to miss!

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