18 January 2009

Adel Day 1

Love it here. Will keep this short (need to prop my eyelids open with some matchsticks at present) but had an awesome 97km road ride today with none other than Team Columbia-High Road. All the big hitters were there - Greipel, Renshaw, Hincapie, Henderson, Hansen, Eisel... plus had coffee with them after the ride. Top blokes the lot of them!

Not too many places in the world that would happen!

Was conveniently lurking out the front of the Hilton when Lance walked out as well. Fairly relaxed, but still carting around a fairly serious size entourage and security detail. Saw him out on his morning ride with 2 team cars and motorbike policemen also.

Off to bed, early start to go fishing in the morning.

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