29 October 2008

The Patient is on the Premises

Coops is home, and not a happy camper.

Imagine, if you can, a 9kg Jack Russell Terrier, the back LH quarter of him shaved to the skin, 5cm + incision on the knee, stitched up with what looks like bailing twine.

Then imagine said dog in a cage, 1 metre by 600 deep by 800 high. The poor bugger is sore, tired, miserable, locked up in a cage, and crying, crying, crying.

I'm finding this rather difficult to deal with - I don't like seeing him locked up, or in pain, or miserable, and I've got the trifecta to deal with. I've been taking him outside every hour or so for a pee and some fresh air, but it has to be on leash, carried in and carried out, and all movement strictly confined.

I know it's all for the best, but I'm feeling like A1 bad dog owner right about now.

I hope it gets easier, and better.

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