31 October 2008

d i s j o i n t e d

Odd week. Multi tasking probably not my strong point. Maybe I'm sliding into some sort of early onset dementia? I used to be able to juggle things oh-so-well, but now, they sort of all get mashed up and blurred.

Cupladayz at the shop this week, I really do like working there, such a good group of people. Everyone has their own peculiarities, it's a good lesson in biting your tongue, accepting you don't know everything, and moving on with the job.

I've hit the ground running pretty hard on the trail front, collating GPS data from various sources, and collaborating into a decent sort of map, that I hope will help any upcoming negotiations. Easy to lose sight of what you're actually trying to achieve, I suppose what I wanted to know was which areas are likely to be in question. Plus it was a good opportunity to get the map happening a bit quicker too.

But this has been at the expense of the study. What should have been two pretty full on days getting assignments done turned into about 6 hours of work total. Clinka clink clink, that's the sound of me dragging the chain.

The other distraction has been on the AKFF front. Not sure if I've mentioned previously, but I mod on the site, and help with alot of the back of house operations. We've been madly negotiating new sponsor deals, one of which is a pretty sweet magazine deal, but there has been alot of work going into it, which I hope is an investment in the rest of the deal running smooth and sweet.

And we're taking a little seaside holiday this weekend also. Having not seen the coast for far too long (at least one not croc infested) I am a little excited, especially having got a leave pass to take the kayak along. Oh, the excitement! Will I catch a fish? Will I, will I?

One can only hope.

Anyway, time to glue the nose to the textbook again. Woe is me.

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