29 October 2008

Slow News Day

Not much to report personally, but a bit going on around the edges. (What - the world doesn't revolve around me??)

# Coops went under the knife yesterday to have his cruciate ligament reattached - or replaced with fishing line in his case. Haven't seen him yet, hope to pick him up this morning. The vet spoke to me yesterday just to confirm all went well. He stayed in overnight for observation, and hopefully all is well today. It is however going to be a long 12 weeks as he rehabilitates, the first 4 weeks to be spent in a kiddie play pen. Poor dog, not going to be much fun unfortunately.
# Good friends of ours, Nicky & Tim, had their first child yesterday - Josephine Isabella. Impatient from the very beginning, Josie has been born 9 weeks early, with only a 6 hour labour. (Only?!) She is breathing on her own and appears to be doing well. Will be in Melbourne for at least a month, and then will transfer back to one of our local hospitals for another month. Anticipate on being released around abouts Xmas.
# Could be shaping up for some interesting times on the MTB front, with some contact from Department of Lands regarding our trail network. We've got a couple of big guns in our bag, and some good people on our side, so if it does turn to soup, we won't be going down without a fight. However I hope it doesn't come to that, and that we can negotiate a beneficial solution for everybody.
# Finally cracked 3000km for the year - thank you riding to work! The question is, can I crack 4K by the end of the year? I'm nearly a month behind schedule - but have a 110km race next weekend, and then at least 75km of commuting per week, plus rides on top of that. Can it be done, can it be done?
# I'm now down to 3 events in the side bar. Eek! Better get entering again!

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