05 May 2008

Lazy Lazy Lazy

No riding on the weekend. Having a bit of a 'can't be arsed' patch.

Did head out Sat morning to help bunt up the race course for the Nail Can Race.

A few of my friends toughed up and decided to race, so I tagged along, and found a nice little switchback to hang out on, with the camera.

My photos were pretty ordinary, but a friend of mine, Al, came along as well, and she got this absolute cracker:

Neil Van Der Ploeg. 15.5km course, probably close to 400 metres of climbing, finishing time a shade over 40 minutes. Daylight and about 3 minutes to 2nd and 3rd place.

And this switchback was not easy. I would think about half the field opted to dismount and walk.

Any wonder Neil's brother Paul is currently OS racing the World Cup MTB circuit? I think not.

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