30 April 2008

No News - Good News

Not a great deal of exciting stuff going on.

Quick update from the last few days:

* Pre rode Nail Can P-P racecourse with the club last Friday. It's gonna test some people this year (by that I mean the roadies) - there's actually singletrail, and rock gardens and stuff. Gonna be interesting.
* Choppy (Els's sister) bought a smashing pair of Louis Garneau MTB shoes. Very smart and I'm very jealous.
* Said MTB shoes resulted in a rather nasty crash for Choppy at Beechworth MTB Park, a slight delay in unclipping causing rather a great deal of pain. Ouch.
* Went to Beechworth MTB Park for a lap or two. Found a new loop, which I didn't know existed (think Eco-Challenge, and you're fairly close to the mark). Hooked up with Paul on the way around, and he showed us another new loop as well. Understatement of the day - "might want to hang off the back of your seat here, gets a little steep".
* I've upgraded to road pedals and shoes for my road bike. SPD pedals are off and have been donated to the Choppy cause.
* Completed my 1st TAFE module, and submitted my first two assessments. I await marks with bated breath.
* Boat is one step closer to being shipped back to Adel. Took it off this arv to have the trailer fitted with new hubs, rims and tyres. That way it might actually be in a state to be towed 1000km.
* Sodens tomorrow night to see Resin Dogs.

Hmm, having read that list, maybe I shouldn't be bored after all!

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Le Blaireau said...

"might want to hang off the back of your seat here, gets a little steep" - Classic