07 February 2008

Who's That Tapping At My Window?

Aah marvellous thing technology isn't it! Especially that dinky little map showing where the website hits are coming from.

Well I can probably account for the Adel, Syd and Melb hits just by myself - and that was the only hits that have appeared there for quite a while. Until yesterday...

Three hits from the US - one East Coast and two West Coast.

So come on, out yourselves - who are you? Would like to hear your opinion on my blog - or sad little life - whichever way you choose to look at it.

I started writing the blog to verbalise some of the stuff scooting around in my head - especially with pending life change approaching, and had no pretences about it being interesting or entertaining. But I'm enjoying the writing, and I would like to continue.

And in non-cycling news - the indoor soccer team got beat tonight - down 6-4 after being 3-1 down at half time and then clawing back to 3-4 up. Two fairly soft and unnecessary penalties plus one blinder of a goal from the opposition put us back in our boxes fairly smartly and without ceremony.

So at the end of the season, that knocks us out of the finals race, so we now have 2 enforced weeks off. Which, in cycling news, frees up another weeknight to get out and rip our collective legs off.

And in semi-cycling news - I've been published, well sort of. Without my (express) agreement, a photo of mine has ended up being used for the media advertising for the Albury Multi-Sport Spectacular.

The offending photo:

This was a photo taken at a recent AWMTB club downhill race. I was out on the course marshalling and managed to get a few snaps at the same time (of which this was one). At a recent club meeting I sort of half-heartedly allowed them to use one of the photos for a flyer for the upcoming Multi-Sport.

Was flicking through the latest issue of Australian Mountain Bike a couple of weeks ago, and found - voila - a half page glossy ad for the Multi-Sport. Featuring my photo. Again. Starting to get a big thingy at this point.

And then... driving out to Nail Can last night, I cut across the end of Dean St (Albury's main street). Three big printed flags up advertising the Multi-Sport, featuring, you guessed it, my photo.

Els and friends (also known as the Copyright Nazis) are up in arms and are saying that I should be acknowleged, and that I should even be getting paid for the photo. Well don't know about that, but a little pat on the back would be nice.

I think I'll compromise - I'm going to ask the Council for the flag once they're done.


Big Mike said...

Well, it is a good photo. Except the bit where it's on dirt and there's fat tyres.

That's some noble mileage you're aiming for there. If I had to ride that far on a mountainbike I'm sure I'd die. Gimme skinny tyres at 160psi any day.

Ant said...

Thanks for the comment Mike. Re: the dirt, each to their own I say. I do like riding the road but am waaaay outta my league with most of the them. The MTB at least I'd have half a chance - plus we get better gears too!