04 February 2008

Phase 1 Evil Plan - COMPLETE

Contract of Sale on my Adelaide property went unconditional today - all conditions satisfied, no creepy crawlies found, deposit paid - you beauty! Looks like settling towards the end of Feb, approximately 3 days before the next round of Council Rates are due.

Phase 2 Evil Plan - find a course to study has just about been completed too - the GIS course I posted about earlier in the piece is looking like coming together. Flexible learning means I can study at home in my own pace - however if/when I commence I want to be pretty dilligent about completion and get it out of the way in a year.

Phase 3 Evil Plan - resign from job. This is going to be the hard one. Mentally I've decided that resigning is going to happen, that I need to do it for my own mental health and wellbeing, that I have the finances behind me to survive for a year, and that I have the mental capacity to study full-time for a year. However there will be a big mental leap from "I'm going to resign" to "I have actually resigned". I really struggled with this the last job I left, lots of feelings of guilt for "leaving them in the lurch". I'm hoping to be a bit more prepared this time around.

Of course perfect timing, boss is away on leave for a week, so I need to sweat it out for another 7 days. Although she did swing through the office today for about 35 seconds, I poked my head in her office to give her the update. The immediate comment was "don't you go buying a business on me..."

I somehow sense that boss lady will be somewhat less than happy about the NEXT development...

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