09 February 2008

My Baby Pt II

Just to be clear, I'm not just a mountain biker. I own a road bike too, and regularly ride it too. Although if you asked the roadies that I ride with, I am very firmly tarred with the 'Mountain Biker' tag. Could have something to do with my stubborn refusal to shave my legs, and the usage of MTB shoes and pedals while on the road (thats just me being a tightarse though).

My baby:

Not hugely fancy but does me really really well. It's an 05 model I bought in July 06 for a damn sharp price. Gotta say I am really thrilled with it. So far our adventures include:

# lots of km's of bunch riding all over the place
# has climbed Falls Creek, Mt Hotham and Mt Buffalo
# been to Melbourne for Round The Bay 2007

And a few more adventures to come yet! Alpine Audax 2008 is looking like a firm starter, actually I would like to get a few of the Audax events under my belt for this year.

No real modifications apart from changing to a bigger back cassette (biggest cog at 27 teeth). I got a bit blingy and have changed the bar tape to a stunning cherry red, along with some red tyres to match.

While it is a cyclists perogative to lust after newer, lighter, shinier bikes and associated items (something about bikes that seems to desensitise people to large sums of money - might be a PhD thesis in that!) - I can see no pressing need to upgrade this number at all.

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