15 February 2008

Seven Days Until HOLIDAYS

And counting!

7 more days of daily grind and rubbish until 3 glorious weeks off.

And where am I off to? Sunny Adelaide. Can't wait! Couple of things up my sleeve for the time off:

# Otway Odyssey (I've bleated enough about this one already)
# Stopping at Glenelg River for a day or two of camping and fishing
# Maybe a stop at Beachport as well for a night
# Mark & Amanda's wedding when I make it to Adel
# But not before the Buck's Show (Morphettville Races & Hogs Breath Steak - will be awesome!)
# Finally sell the house
# Lots of lazing around doing not much
# Pick up my new camping trailer on the way home.

Life is (going to be) good!

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