16 February 2008

Quick Ride Report

Headed out at 4 this afternoon for a ride up Tea House Hill (same as a couple of weeks ago). Was a bit warmer today plus the sun was out, so the sweat was dripping off us. The climb was not quite as good as last time, I had to throw in a couple of stops, and wasn't feeling crash hot either.

But new max speed set (and recorded) coming down:

83.9 km/h

Tim (mate of mine and gun cyclist) weighed in at 91km/h, enough to bring tears to the eyes!

All I could think about was the air leak in the front brake lever, and was praying it didn't pick that moment to fail!

Club MTB ride tomorrow morning, should come in about 50 or 60km by the end of it.

And then ...taper.

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