13 February 2008

Bike Shops are Expensive Places

Parted with an obscenely large amount of money today, just to get my bike back to where it should be (rather than where it's at).

There always seems to be 'other' things that need fixing when you cross the store threshold. A simple crank and cassette changeover has turned into:

#New crank (supply and fit)
#New cassette (supply and fit)
#Bleed brakes (apparently brakes not operating to their standard), which has then led to...
#New brake lever - piston seal on the original has been comprimised and is sucking air into the brake lines
#Straighten derailleur hanger and frame

And this wasn't even a routine service!

Don't get me wrong, I am not begrudging the work being done, but note to self, don't take bike to shop with a budget in mind. You're bound to blow it, and really, you're just setting yourself up for failure.

And the sum I parted with? A few too many zero's in it for my liking. Actually the whole number was a shock to the system really.

Hope it rides well (can't wait to take it for a burn!)

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