17 February 2008

Just About Ready To Roll

Got out for the AWMTB Social Ride this morning.

Great turnout - about 30 riders - and we got to test ride both the race loop that will be used for the 3hr Enduro in a couple of weeks, plus the course for the Point to Point race on the same weekend. Both of these events are part of the Albury Multisport Spectacular.

The race track is just about dialled in - what began as a 2km loop has taken shape into 6.6km of predominantly single-track, with plenty to keep you interested. It was interesting to ride the section that I helped dig in last weekend - how I thought it was going to ride and how it rode were completely different - the corners were alot sharper when approached at speed (duh!) and I had to slow significantly to navigate my way through. Probably the sharper corners will need compacting as well, as some have started to form braking ruts already, and this will only get worse over time.

The P-P course uses the first half of the race course and then heads pretty much straight up to the Ridge Trail and beyond. Some of the fire trail climbing was pretty challenging but once you plug your way to the top it was singletrack goodness nearly all the way home. Some very rocky and technical sections, plus some sections of the track are getting a bit overgrown so it will need a cleanup before raceday.

Note to self, don't stop at a corner and then stand directly on top of an ants nest. Not recommended.

And lastly we rolled down to Electra for a late breakfast and coffee. Mmm, French Toast, fried banana, bacon and maple syrup. And juice. And 3 coffees.

Got home with 50km on the clock and feeling pretty knackered. Not suprising really!

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