12 February 2008

Quick Spin - Drive Train Not Sorted

Took a quick 20km spin tonight to shake down the drivetrain and see what else needs to be sorted. Unfortunately not a satisfactory mission.

# I'd managed to find a replacement 15 tooth ring for the rear cassette, unfortunately WAAAY too worn and not meshing at all with the new chain.
# Chain not meshing particularly well with any other gear either.
# Crankset seems to be ok, but typical for Race Face, working it's way loose and needing repeated tightenings.

So bugger the expense, just bought a set of XT cranks and cassette, and on they go tomorrow. A little more than I would have liked to have paid, but I just couldn't chance the wait on CRC to deliver in time.

Tonights route - a mix of cycle path, single track, road, dirt road and graded dirt:

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And in other news, spent 3hrs at the Courthouse today helping a client out with a tenancy issue he had in the past. The other party in question - an extremely angry bald man with the worst case of small man syndrome I have seen in a long time. And it would seem I am not in his good graces.

Am expecting a brick through the car window or to be beaten to a bloody pulp any day now.

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