19 January 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Shouldn't be whinging I suppose.

But I got up at 6am, ready for a 100km on the road bike, and this is what I woke up to:

I was really looking forward to a good hit out, especially with Otway Odyssey coming up, but unfortunately not to be, well not this morning anyway. Might have to settle for a break in the weather, and scoot over to Nail Can this arvo with the MTB.
I'm sensing that I'm going to be very underdone come Odyssey time, especially having read the course notes:

Start - to CP1 at Mt Sabine Fire Tower (0km – 25km)
Once underway on the Great Ocean Road, continue along the main road for about 2kms and then turn left up Wild Dog Road.
Continue up Wild Dog Road to Biddles Rd and turn right on to Biddles Rd.
Follow Biddles Rd uphill (and a bit of down too) for approx. 5km
Turn left onto bush track (private property – do NOT enter except for race day and Official course familiariser days) and descend to creek.
Cross creek and climb steeply up to ridgeline and then proceed along ridge line on 4WD tk.
The land owners have very generously allowed us to ride through their properties (only just) and any misadventure will spoil it for everyone.
When you come out on Wild Dog Road turn right and proceed until you reach the sealed Skenes Creek Road. Ride along Skenes Creek Road, on the left hand side for
approximately 3.5km and turn right at the traffic marshals to climb Old Mt
Sabine Road to the fire tower – the highest point of the entire route. (This a controlled intersection with Traffic Management professionals – please follow their instruction) (Be very careful as you are turning over a major road and traffic has right of way and the road is NOT closed to general traffic.)

CP1 at Mt Sabine Fire Tower – to CP2 at Kaangalang Rd / Start of red carpet tk
Descend away from the fire tower, turn right when you hit the sealed Sunnyside road and then left onto the gravel Mt Sabine Road
Continue along for approximately 1.1 km and then turn left onto the West Barwon Road and right at the next intersection onto the West Barwon track and the 'Tall Timber descent'.
Continue down this roller coaster descent until you cross creek at the bottom and start climbing No 1 Spur track (Note – you can drink this water and we suggest all riders fill up here if needing water) Continue up No 1 Spur Track to a T intersection after about 2km and turn left to descend to another creek crossing (Note – you can drink this water and we suggest all riders fill up here if needing water)
Climb up the sometimes steep Noonday Track (this is the timed climb section) to its intersection with Kaanglang road.
Pass straight over the gravel Kaangalang Road and descend to the Kaanglang quarry on a grassy single track. Follow track around to the left and turn right where you re-meet the gravel 2WD Kaangalang road
Continue along Kaangalang Road for approx 2km and then turn right onto the start of the 'Red Carpet' single track.

CP2 at Kaangalang Rd / Start of red carpet tk – to CP3 at Forrest Festival
Continue along single track and after approximately 1km it crosses the gravel Lake Elizabeth Road. This point is the start of the 'Keen Timed Descent'. Enjoy the flowing single track descent, cross over Kaangalang Road and continue down the timed section, staying on the single track until it emerges on a gravel road and the end of the 'Keen Timed Descent;

For 50km Shorrty Riders only
Turn right on the gravel road, go through the gate and then turn right again, up the 2WD gravel road for approximately 500m and then turn left onto Yaugher Road.
Follow Yaugher Road for approximately 1.5 kms as it changes to a sealed surface (caution as there will be cyclists going in two directions along 500m of this road near
the football ground) and then turn right into Forrest Football ground and the end of the 50km Otway Half.

Thank Christ I'm only doing the 50km! Can't imagine having to do that TWICE.

Haven't seen the course profile yet either, guessing that will be even scarier.

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