20 January 2008


We moved here from Adel about 4 years ago. Kept the house that I owned there, and have had tenants in the property for pretty much the whole time.

Contemplating my future a couple of weeks ago, the thought dawned on me - why am I keeping this place, it's costing me a fortune (pretty much $800 a month I was putting in to cover costs, plus the rent that the tenants were paying). Plus by selling it, it could potentially free up some money for me that could fund a year off work and study.

Well to cut a long story short, the decision was made to sell. Went on the market last Wednesday, and looks like it was sold yesterday. 4 days. 4 DAYS!

Not a done deal until the pest inspection is done, the deposit paid, the cool-off period past, and the documents prepared by the conveyancer, but it is bloody close to getting wrapped up.

Stay tuned for further news!

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