17 January 2008


Thursday night is roundball night. We've got a team together, and play in a mixed social indoor league. Good fun really.

The team has slowly formed over time, it started just after we moved here as an effort to meet different people and get some activity in our lives. And it has worked a treat.

Won't bore you with the details of the game - although we did get up 7-2 - but we've now got a pretty tidy unit that play together really well. Sure we're got some stronger players who are much more effective at attacking and scoring, but the whole team thing works pretty darn well. We can pass the ball and stuff, and occasionally even pull off a set play.

The only thing that spoils it is some teams take themselves a little bit too seriously, play a little bit too hard and rough, repeatedly challenge the ref on calls, are generally bad sports and spoil it for everyone. And unfortunately those teams get us revved up, especially when they start roughing up the women (makes me see red!)

Luckily tonight was not one of those nights - we played a great team, a good challenging game, some great passing, and some sweeeet goals.

And the best thing about Thursday nights?


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