19 June 2012

Ranty Pants

Warning: "Get Off My Lawn" post ahead.

I really, really wonder sometimes.

I (and a lot of other people) spend a great deal of time volunteering to run events that let people ride and race their bikes. Much work has gone into hosting a round of the Vic Schools Cycling Champs this weekend.

I did my usual runaround of all things social media this morning and plugged the event. Here is two of the sample responses I got.

Exhibit A: Didn't read the information I'd already sent and got uppity when I didn't respond to him in time, even though I had already given him the information he wanted.

Exhibit B: Gets shitty because the event is exactly what they want.

Really makes you want to go out of your way to do this stuff, hey?

[/get off my lawn]

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