28 April 2012

It's Alive!

Something pretty cool happened last night. I got to feel the munchkin kicking for the first time. Els has been feeling it for ages, but try as we could, I was unable to feel anything from the outside. But the little tacker has got a bit stronger, and *much* more insistent, and I finally got to feel a bit of what has been tormenting Els for the last few weeks.

In other news, the most fantastic Autumn weather here at the moment, and I have spent the last three days outside either building MTB trails, or designing MTB trails. And for bonus points, I also got to map some MTB trails (call it product testing for the new Trimble units we have at work). The beautiful weather looks to be continuing over the weekend - should be a great opportunity to get outside, maybe even on a bike.

Housewarming party tonight for the new joint... best get busy and get organising!

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