03 March 2012

Yep, Still Here.

Hi all - miss me?

Can't remember the last time I blogged, I would reckon at least a year ago, probably more. A combination of not really having anything new to say and being so wrapped up in a couple of different projects that I didn't really have the time to try and be interesting either.

Well I'm still crazy busy, but I'm resolving to at least try and be interesting and vaguely social. And you, dear reader will have to bear the brunt of this unfortunate resolution.

Anyway, a couple of random snaps. Enjoy.

n+1. I can guarantee you'll be hearing much, much more about this little tacker in posts to come. 17 weeks tomorrow, due 12 August.

Have had a few early starts of late, with a bit of travel to and from Melbourne. This was a particularly spectacular sunrise that I spied on one of these trips.

One of my much loved, but least practiced, hobbies is fishing. I've just returned from a 2 week Adelaide trip, and managed to squeeze in an afternoon fishing with my brother. I was very proud of this little fish - while I'm sure it would have bigger brothers and sisters out there, it certainly gave me a bit of curry on the ultralight gear I was fishing.

Random snap from staying at my folks. Shot taken on the iPhone with the much maligned Hipstamatic app. I just thought it was surprising that I actually got the cat in the shot. My folks have had this particular feline for 3 or 4 years, and this is the first time I have actually sighted her. She tends to spend the bulk of her time hiding under their bed.

My latest cartographic creation. Another wall map for an Incident Control Centre. 4800 wide x 2400 high at 1:50k. Mammoth, mammoth undertaking - happy with the outcome but some hard lessons learned along the way! Dee - maybe you could point me in the right direction of some acetate sheet / film that I can magnet over the front to stop the little darlings drawing all over it with white board markers?

Els captured this photo of me post-Otway Odyssey, and the look on my face really sums up how I was feeling after the event. Completely physically and mentally wrung out, not a scrap of anything left in the tank. I may or may not regale (or bore) you with tales of this in a later post.

More to come. Let's see how Blogging 2.0 goes for me.

1 comment:

Dee said...

OK, you win the mine is bigger than yours competition for now! However if I ever stick up all 53 1:50,000 sheets of the vegetation of the wet tropics I have it.

I have done some 'working location' maps where they printed, laminated, then mounted on metal sheets so you could use magnetic markers. If you are using magnetics you will have to go with clear mylar. If not I would suggest acrylic sheets would be best, just mount them over the maps and reuse them next time.

I'll have a look in my supplier catalogs and email you some suggestions.

Congrats on the Bub!