16 March 2010

Quick Check In

2 days into the new job. My head is spinning and my brain hurts! (In a good way, of course)

Job and responsibilities still taking shape, but there is a very, very large fire management project (courtesy of the Black Saturday bushfires last year) that looks like it will take a large chunk of my time. Cue many hours staring at the computer screen, validating and fixing other people's data.

Dee, you will be pleased to know that 'attendance at SSSI meetings' made it into my work plan.

Bike-wise - a surprise 80km jaunt Sun morning. Long story short, went to bed Sat night with the better part of a bottle of red on board. Woke up at 5am Sun, badly dehydrated, and to the sound of the dog dragging the cone of shame across the floor (another long story, another time). Couldn't get back to sleep, so lycra'd up and headed out with one of the bunch rides.

Ride started well, with one of the group pulled up by the cops for running a red light. Ironically, he is a local solicitor who is one of the biggest agitators in the area for improved cycling infrastructure and Council accountability. But it did get better - and finished off very well, Eggs Benedict with salmon and a bloody good coffee.

World Cup tonight - hung with the big boys in B Grade right until the end - nearly got dropped in the middle when I got hung out to dry in no mans land on a break - but fought back and hung on. Nothing special at the end, but it was good to be in the mix.

140km ride in the wind for Saturday. Time to ramp up the km's and hours in the saddle for the Italian Assault.

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Dee said...

It gets easier, but the intensity remains (work I mean). Cycling will stay hard, but in a good way.

Good on ya for joining the SSSI, my connections and the CPD from that group are pure gold. Having said that I am now semi-retired from the organisation while I turn my energies to cycling and cycling advocacy.

Good on the cops for the red light thing, honestly, we are all grown ups.