07 March 2010


What a month.

It seems like I, along with a few other bloggers of note, have suffered some sort of weird malaise - busyness combined with writer's block and a helping of apathy.

I really feel like the last month has just been go, go, go.

Otway Odyssey was a ball as always. I got within 4 minutes of my target time (wanted 8:15, ended up with 8:19) and a clear picture of what I now need to do to get under 8 hours. I've discussed this ad nauseum elsewhere - but as always, by the time I finished the thing on Sat, I was well trashed and swore never to do it again. By Sun lunch (there may have been beer involved) - we were talking about next year's plans.

So, just to document it, and so I don't chicken out:

2011: Sub 8 hours
2012: Single speed. Probably out to 10 hours.

With the excitement of an impending new job comes great anxiety also. I spent half a day in my new office - just enough time to learn that the bloke who hired me has himself resigned, and will have finished up prior to me starting. No clear replacement for him as yet. The other chap in my department will likely end up seconding for him - but is heading on leave the second week I am there.

So - Week 2, new job, I will be alone in a department that I have no idea how it runs, using computer systems that I know nothing about, and will apparently be GIS Support for the bulk of the state. That has caused me a sleepless night or two!

And life at the bike shop continues to be, um, exciting. We've all been burning the candles at both ends, using this month to let people run down their annual leave before I desert the ship. So it has essentially been 4 weeks of working 6 days a week. Fair to say that we are getting short, testy, and on each others nerves. No worse than any other workplace, but the tiredness and sleep debt is catching up with us all.

So much for me that Friday night I got home from work, cooked dinner, and went straight to bed. Before 9pm - which is completely unheard of for me. And then last night much the same - except I did read for a couple of hours, which I have not had the luxury of doing for a while. And woke up this morning at 9am - again, completely unheard of for me.

And to top of the month, unfortunately things have not been sweet in the world of kayaks and fishing. I take great, great pride in what we have created at AKFF - and I take great offence when people are unfairly critical. So when someone - that I used to admire and respect greatly - took a unprovoked swing at us, and subsequently crapped on us from a great height, I was hurt, distressed and confused. My fault for wearing my heart on my sleeve and being so protective, but I still cannot process the whys and wherefores.

This probably makes no sense to those of you reading, consider this just me venting and trying to clear my head.

So - with so much going on, something has suffered, that being my ride log. The entries have been thin for 2 reasons - firstly not much riding going on (other than the commute to work), secondly, I haven't been filling the bloody thing out. So today I've gone back and made a post-humous effort to fill the gaps. Thanks to Polar Technology, it's pretty good I think, the weak link in the equation being my memory.

So - 1 week left @ the shop, then I enter the vortex of the Service.

Interesting Times Ahead.

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Dee said...

It will be fine. It is management's fault, not your's that this has happened. Don't be afraid to say "I don't know" (I still don't know sometimes after 15 years!). Don't feel like you have to be superman. Be nice and do your best and it will all sort itself out.

if all else fails, email a friend (that would be me).