07 December 2009

Training For The Week

Week 1 was slow, real slow. 3 rides, but I would have been lucky to clock up 3 hours on the bike.

Week 2 prescribes:

Mon 1 hour Level 1 - 2 (riding to work this morning)

Tues 1.5 hours Level 2 - 3 (slow cadence work).
Might try and hit the World Cup bunch ridie tomorrow night - but it is Elsie's birthday, so might not be hugely great form.

Wed 1 hour Level 1 - 2
Might need to reschedule this, looking like I have to drive to Melb Wednesday, but that's another story

Thurs 1.5 hours Level 2 - 3 (high cadence work).
A good excuse to take my new singlespeed for a ride, but that's also another story.

Fri Rest

Sat 1.5 - 2 hours, Level 1 - 2
Gentle afternoon spin, possibly also on singlespeed.

Sun 2 - 3 hours, Level 2 - 3
Longer commute to work maybe.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. I've got a plan, that is the first step. Let's see how we go from there.

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