11 December 2009

Pull The Ripcord

This week has seen an unprecedented amount of entertaining, travelling and eating. And boy, oh boy, am I feeling it.

It all started Saturday night. Friends over for dinner. Made risotto, alot of risotto.
Sunday morning - breakfast at the Bright Bakery, pre Tour Of Bright spectating.
Sunday night - leftover risotto for dinner.
Monday morning - no milk in the fridge, bakery muffin and coffee for breakfast.
Monday night - leftover risotto for dinner.
Tuesday night - Elsie's birthday, friends over for dinner, BBQ.
Wednesday morning - drive to Melbourne. Bacon and egg roll for breakfast.
Wednesday lunch - McDonalds (just to use the free wireless, really, I promise!)
Wednesday night - pub for dinner with a mate in Melbourne. Mixed grill, I think 4 animals died for it.
Thurs morning - Still in Melb. Cafe breakfast, Eggs Florentine, coffee.
Thurs lunch - Subway and coffee.
Thurs night - Els away for work. Mate's wife also away for work. Apply the formula WIVES AWAY = TAKEAWAY. Pizza and garlic bread.

This weekend is not going to be any better.

Tonight - Elsie's work Xmas party. Finger food.
Tomorrow night - MTB Club Xmas party. Taking over the wood fired pizza oven.
Sunday night - Another MTB Xmas function. Ride and then pub. Will no doubt involve a chicken parmie the size of a TV screen. And beer too, no doubt.

Monday's weigh in is going to be very, very ugly.

I hope that is the end of the Xmas socialising, and I can get back on the wagon!

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