29 November 2009

Riposa In Pace

There has been a death in the household.

The hard-working, long suffering, much abused, much maligned desktop computer has finally bitten the dust.

It caved under the load of 80 gig of music, another 40 gig of photos, a terabyte drive half full of video stuff, multiple programs running pretty much continously, plus the biggest drain of all, ArcGIS.

All the gaffa tape, positive thinking, friendly taps, and percussive maintenance that have held it together over the years have finally failed.

I know it can never be truly replaced. But it can be upgraded. Possibly with a machine that is much more suited to what I need it to do than the coathanger wire and chewing gum solution the old box consisted of was.

So - uber nerds, geeks, GIS freaks unite.

Please tell me - what am I going to need in a new PC?

1 comment:

Dee said...

Arc is a pig, but not as big a pig as you think. I run a pretty bog standard desktop, but shell out for the best video card, and that makes all the difference because it is all about rendering and refresh rates.

Get two monitors, and the bigger the better. I have been using arc for ? 20 years? and I still have the help up a lot, because I never seem to do the same thing twice. This is normal so don't worry, just get on with it...