18 October 2009

Scott 24 Hour Photos

Every year, a German company called 'Sportograf' make the trip out to photograph the Scott 24 Hour race. They do an awesome job - this year they ended up with 85,000 photos, all indexed by rider number, which you can then purchase quite cheaply. $35 got me over 30 professional quality photos.

A selection of this years snaps are in the slideshow below. They're good - makes an ordinary rider like me seem a little less ordinary!


Dee said...

Great slide show, it loads and runs really fast and smoothly. Is that a standard blogger add in?

You look like the real deal!

Ant said...

Dee, I use Picasaweb to host my photos. They have a slideshow and 'embed slideshow' html code generator, which I use. All I do is change the colour code from 000000 to ffffff to get from a black to a white border (or is it the other way around?).

Anyway, works well. Just can't work out how to loop it.