19 October 2009

It Is Arrived

You'll notice an addition and a subtraction in the In The Stable sidebar.

Subtracted - one x Trek 1200 06. Now in bits, some bits in the parts bin, some bits in the bin. The natural hoarder in me had a very, very hard time throwing some bits away, eg carbon forks. But I know, if they hang around, they'll end up getting used on something, and I know I can't trust them after the crash.

I have kept the frame though, as a momento. Found some very evident creases and folds in the seat stays as I stripped it down. Ouch that must have been a big hit.

Added - one x Giant Defy Advanced 1.

This. Thing. Rocks.

Got out for an introductory ride on Sat morning with one of my usual bunches (when I'm not working on the Saturday that is). I always loved my Trek, but this thing is so much better. The carbon frame is very laterally stiff, it takes off like a rocket when you put your foot down, and the whole package is pretty darn tidy. Ultegra SL is such a huge step up from the old school 105 / Tiagra that I was running, I've gone to compact cranks, which I find have helped my climbing no end, and 10 speed? What do I do with all the gears?

It's a great bike, and wasted on me. But I'll appreciate it plenty all the same.

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Dee said...

Sweet! Go forth and bond with your bike!