29 September 2009

From Big Things, Little Things Grow

Just a quick update on the BMI Challenge.

I think we've been at it for 8 or so weeks now. I was a little ambivalent for a few weeks, in the midst of crap weather, winter rain, little or no opportunity to get outside and exercise, and still in winter hibernate mode.

But we've all slowly plugged away, unwanted kilograms have been shed, and a little competitive spirit is starting to show itself amongst the participants.

I've managed to get from 95.9 down to 92.3 (at last weigh in) and 90kg is firmly in my sights now. Those new mountain bike wheels are getting so close, I can taste them (although I might need a job to pay for them, though!) It's been a lesson in patience and slow & steady results, I've always been an instant gratification type of person, solve the problem NOW, get results NOW. If you'd asked me 12 months ago if I'd weigh this much now, the answer would have been a resounding NO. I would have been happy to be sub 100kg (this time last year I was pushing 105kg).

And - how did I celebrate my PB weigh in yesterday? Went to the bakery for lunch, ate a pie AND a sausage roll, had seconds for dinner last night, and half a bottle of red wine.

Logical, eh?

Anyway, sunny morning, I'm off for a ride.

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